Case Studies

  • Case Study 1 - Results of fixed correlating sensors leak detection system deployment in urban environment

    The aim of the study was to validate the Aquarius-Spectrum fixed correlating sensors system performance in terms of optimal distance between the sensors (coverage), sensitivity and specificity of the system for automatic leak detection and classification. The study was performed on a commercial installation of 120 fixed correlating sensors in 2 cities in Israel covering 41.6 Miles of water pipes.

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  • Case Study 2 - HaGihon, Jerusalem

    HaGihon is the Jerusalem Area Water and Wastewater Utility. It operates as an independent corporation under the Water & Sewage Corporations Law. HaGihon supplies water, sewage and drainage services in the Greater Jerusalem area, and servicing a million residents in the City of Jerusalem, the Town of Mevasert Zion, the Town of Abu-Gosh and the surrounding area.

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  • Case Study 3 - 18% decrease in hagihon's NRW & continuous decline in pipe bursts

    Results from a recent study by HaGihon indicate a substantial improvement in NRW (Non-Revenue-Water) in the DMAs in which Aquarius Spectrum’s system was installed and continuously operated during a period of two years (2014-2015). NRW was reduced in those neighborhoods by 18%, mainly due to locating and fixing hidden leaks and repairing malfunctioning equipment located by Aquarius. In addition, there is a clear trend of a yearly decline in the number of water pipe bursts.

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